Before and after Photos

On this page are some examples of what can be done at Valley View Dental. If you aren’t happy with your smile or your teeth, please feel free to discuss your concerns and desires with us. Thanks to the skilled Dentists at Valley View Dental and today’s modern materials and techniques amazing results are possible!



This is an example what can be accomplished when several or most teeth are crowned. Many problems can be corrected. In the first photo, in addition to the yellow color, the teeth have severe staining, decay, are worn down from grinding, and have an improper bite. These deficiencies have been corrected by crowning most teeth. This achieves not only a much more esthetic look, but also a more stable and functional bite.


Crowns and Veneers

In this photo the patient wanted whiter, better looking teeth. This is accomplished by a combination of crowns on the back teeth and veneers on the front teeth. Once again, severe occlusal disease from grinding that lead to worn teeth is also addressed in addition to the stunning outcome.


 Dental Implant

This is an implant replacing a missing front tooth. In a situation like this a patient often has a removable partial or “flipper” that they take in and out. Placing an implant and crown not only looks much better, but it is “fixed” meaning it behaves and feels like a regular tooth and does not have to be taken in or out.


Dental Implants

This patient was congenitally missing both lateral incisors. The photo to the right shows them replaced with dental implants.


 Dental Implant

A dental implant restoring a missing tooth. The implant is placed, then heals. Then the tooth is placed on the implant to replace this missing tooth.



These are crowns replacing only the decayed front teeth. Even only replacing 4 teeth can make a huge difference in your confidence and smile!


New Ceramic Crowns Vs Old Crown

This photo shows the difference between two older dental crowns on the left and new crowns on the right. Many old crowns were made by covering metal with porcelain to achieve a white, tooth looking color. This was a big improvement from gold crowns, but it was still not as natural as nature’s teeth. Advances with ceramics have led to all ceramic crowns that have strength and esthetics that are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth.


 Immediate Dentures

This shows how dentures can make a relatively fast and drastic change. Dentures can be made before the teeth are pulled and inserted or delivered on the same day that the teeth are taken out so you are not without your teeth for any period of time. At Valley View Dental, we utilize cutting edge digital dentures to give you better fitting dentures in less appointments. We can also anchor your dentures to implants or mini implants for much better stability and ease of use.


 Clear Braces

At Valley View Dental, we also offer Clear Correct clear braces.  This what most people think of when you hear Invisilign.  Dramatic improvements can be made in as little as 6 months