Office and Philosophy

Allegany, NY Dentist 3065 Buffalo Rd. Allegany, NY 14706 716-372-8400

Open 7:00 – 4:30 Monday – Friday


This office was designed with the patient in mind. All of our treatment rooms feature a large window at the far wall in which patients can look out over the beautiful Southern Tier Mountains providing a beautiful “Valley View”.  This creates a sense of openness and refreshment in the sometimes missing in many dreary dental offices.  We opened the doors to our state of the art facility May 15th, 2012.   Our office is also designed with an efficient work flow so that it is easy and efficient to check in, be seen for an appointment, and re-schedule if necessary.

Since opening in 2012, our outstanding service and high quality dentistry created a growing demand for appointments. To keep up with the increased demand we recently completed an addition in order to increase the amount of treatment rooms and patient parking spaces.  We have also hired more local staff to meet your needs. We now have 4 dentists on staff, along with 5 hygienists and an expanded support staff in order to address your dental needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Latest Technology


Advanced Sterilization Center

Comfortable Waiting Room

Panoramic X-Ray

No more biting on sharp film that digs into your gums or having a big digital sensor in your mouth. This machine takes the X-rays from the outside. In the past you had to bite in film or plastic tabs in order to take specific X-rays of your teeth.  Many people found this to be uncomfortable, as it could cause them to gag or the film to dig into their gums.  This machine takes these X-rays from the outside without you having to have any uncomfortable film or tabs in your mouth.


This machine makes crowns in 1 visit. You don’t have to have your mouth filled with impression material and you don’t have to come back weeks later to have the crown cemented. A tooth colored crown is custom made for you in 1 visit.

Rotary Endo This device enables us to perform root canals usually with no pain, in less time, and with a better outcome.

Location: Valley View Dental is located at  3065 Buffalo Rd. Allegany NY.  This is at the corner of 7th St and Buffalo Rd. in Allegany, near Duggan and Duggan’s building, the County Highway barn, and just ¼ mile West of Olean off of exit 25 on Interstate 86.



Insurance: We will work with your insurance company to provide you with the maximum benefits your plan allows.  Most dental insurance works to pay a portion, or a percentage of the actual cost of a visit.  Many insurance companies pay 100% for cleanings and x-rays, 80% for fillings, and 50% for crowns, dentures, and partials.