"Thanks to Dr. Porcello trying a new procedure I was saved the expense of not having to have a root canal."

Linda Wilber

Dr. Porcello is very thorough and the dental procedure was as pleasant as it could be.

Ulrich Beseman

My recent root canal procedure was a pain-free experience. Dr. Porcello's skill made even the novocaine injection painless. He patiently explained what he was doing and what I would be feeling during each step of the process.

Cyril Borer

I was well pleased with the root canal. No pain at all. I slept through the whole job.

Darwin Mascho

I felt no pain. Procedure (wisdom tooth extraction) was more comfortable than I had expected. Overall, very good experience, and I will certainly refer others. Thanks to the entire staff; great job!

Nick Quattrone

This is the best dentist I have ever had. There was no pain during the procedure. The injection didn't hurt a bit.

Mark Balcerzak

I appreciate being able to get a prompt appointment, state of the art procedures, and professionalism was excellent.

Maureen Curry

I was very satisfied with my many appointments over the past month while Dr. Porcello treated my abscessed tooth and did a root canal. He understood and really cared about making sure I was pain free. I would recommend him to anyone.

Linda Halladay

I love this place! They got me in right away and cured my toothache! Plus the staff is so friendly.

Abbey Sabol

Great service, great work, no pain - Thanks Doc!!

Cheryl Tome

Got an appointment right away!
Got right in on time!
Got right out in good shape!
Thank You Valley View Dental!

Ed Wondrack

First, by getting me hooked up with the means to afford the work I needed (Care Credit) done Valley View Dental eliminated the largest barrier to my getting the care I needed. The staff are all pleasant, patient, professional, and compassionate. My experience with Valley View Dental was pain-free all the way around from financial to psychological to actual dental procedure.

Melissa Ryder

Love this place! Happy faces, greet you when you walk in - always fast scheduling if you need in ASAP - this place is spotless with state of the art equipment. Dr. Nick will do whatever it takes for a happy patient and Miranda always makes my 4 year old comfortable and happy!

Melissa Sequerth

Root canal made easy and painless. Thanks for making my mouth work... My greatest compliment is that I almost fell asleep. Thanks for all the education and care!

John Dahlgren

I have loved Dr. Porcello and his staff since day one of coming here. His receptionist made sure to get me in first thing when my tooth was aching so bad and no other dentist would touch it. I have also referred him to family and friends. He and his staff are wonderful.

Ginae Gayton

Beautiful facility - very professional, courteous, and kind. I was very happy with the way I was treated.

Lori Mosher

I was scared and first, but felt no pain and was very comfortable. Dr. Lamb was very gentle with my tooth.

Kelly Hendrix

I can't express my gratitude or appreciation for the work you all do. The first real smile in five years is absolutely beautiful. I will keep smiling for a long time. Thank you for all you have done.

Loretta Ivanich

Great group of dental professionals. I have had fillings, crowns, and cleanings without pain!

Anne Marvin

I can not THANK YOU enough. It says a lot for the staff at Valley View Dental to get a non-patient in FIRST thing in the morning to relieve my tooth pain. I have been with the same dentist for 30 years and have always been treated great and feel loyalty to him, but with the time comes, I will be changing!

Shelly Follman

Hello Dr. Porcello,

I wanted to thank you for giving me a chance to shadow you.

Every time I visit your dentist place and watch you practice, it gives me more determination that I want to become a dentist. I started as a student wanting to be a physician but over the three years of my undergraduate, I always wondered if dentistry field was more befitting me. Even though, it was only a few hours all together, shadowing experience at your dentist definitely given me an answer that this field is where I want to be. I was so moved when you saw this old patient to fix her dentures and you did not ask for a payment. I went to Africa to volunteer last summer and I realized the main reason I want to be working in health profession is to be able to provide free medical services to these under-privileged people. Watching you practice made me realize how important oral health is once again and I want to be a dentist like you to have my own dentist office and so that I can provide non-profitable services to people who are in need, just like you.

Ashley Hong

I am an absolute nervous wreck when I come to the dentist. There was zero pain involved and the doctor was gentle, fast and concise. I recommend Valley View to everyone I talk to about dental work. Fantastic people!

Janelle Owen

Well, I think the best testimony is "I'll be back".
Thank You!

Richard Collins

I lost a filling while travelling and Dr Williams fit me in and did excellent work on time. I was in and out in no time! Friendly, happy atmosphere.

Margaret Lord

Absolutely beautiful facility, the friendliest staff. Very thankful I was able to get in so quickly as a new patient. Thank you all for the amazing service!

Kristen Pearl

Totally painless! Really professional, kind staff! Makes coming to the dentist completely worry-free!
Thank You,
Janet Healy

Janet Healy

Best dental experience I have ever had - filling fast and efficient.

Charlotte Hardy

Everyone is so friendly and professional at Valley View Dental. I was in recently for a crown procedure and got to watch as Dr. Lamb developed and constructed my crown. It is a beautiful tooth and Dr. Lamb did a wonderful job.

Mary Rhode

Dr. Porcello fashioned a "partial" for me and I thought that I would have to come back 2 or 3 times to get it right. To my pleasure after 2 or 3 days of getting used to it, I found it fit perfectly and I didn't need to come back for adjustments on it.

Robert Higgins

The staff here are the most caring, compassionate, and understanding of any other dentist I have seen in a few years.

The east of getting an appointment whether in a pinch or longer for a cleaning is awesome.

Hats off to the whole staff from front desk to those that do hands on - or should I say - hands in mouth.

Thank you all so very much for everything and for just being you - may you have a prosperous 2017.

Shannon Hatch

Amazing service, everything went smoothly and on top of that I received the best quote on the fixture of all of my teeth.
Thank you all.

Brian Tabola

Miranda is the best cleaning technician I have ever experienced. This group is the best.

Very accommodating with appointments and customer service.

I would highly recommend!

Joanie Bund

Dr. Porcello, Miranda, Shawn and Lori are all terrific! Professional, friendly, and kind are the words I'd use to describe them. They make what can be an unpleasant (to say the least) experience - almost enjoyable!

Darlene Goetzman

Dr. Lamb helped me so much! Weeks of pain that no other Doctor or Dentist could fix took him just a matter of minutes!
Thank you so much Valley View!

Kayleigh Milliman

Wonderful staff and dentist - "Doc" Williams is excellent! First time here but I found my new dentist!!

Coralie McMahon

Miranda was absolutely amazing, like the entire Valley View staff. I live 3 hours away and have remained a Valley View patient because of their amazing staff!

Rachel Bantleman

The best dental experience I have had.
Thank you.

Becky Lindell

Love this place! My first time and everyone was so nice and very helpful!

Elaine Doriguzzi

So very gentle and kind. Will recommend.

Tracy Lebranz

My family and I were in this morning for dental work. I had a filling and there was very little pain from the shot and I didn’t feel any pain during the drilling. I was very pleased with my kids cleaning’s and flouride treatments. Everyone is friendly. Thank you for doing wonderful work for my family.

Lisa Braund

Dr. Porcello did a wonderful job, I felt no pain.

Mary Davies

The work that I had done today was great. I was not in any pain during the procedure.

Kimberly Jenkins

Located 1/4 mile West of Olean, NY 14760 off of Interstate 86 exit 25