Welcome to Valley View Dental

Pictured in Photo: Back Row Left to Right – Dr. John Williams, Shawn Dibble, Dr J Nicholas Porcello, Dr David Lamb, Dr Stephen Illig, Miranda Schuman, RDH. Middle row – Barb White, RDH, Lori Barnes, Chrissy Manning, Jamie Mikoloajczyk, Shannon Cooper, Marie Sena RDH, Courtney Ramire, RDH.  Front Row: Caitlin Morrison, Brea Miller


Valley View Dental is the office of Dr. J Nicholas Porcello, DDS, Dr John F. Williams DDS, and Dr. David C. Lamb DDS.  Each member prides himself in providing high quality dentistry with exceptional patient care at a fair price in Allegany, NY. just West of Olean, NY.  Dr. Porcello is a native of Allegany, NY and started Valley View Dental because something was missing with dental offices in and around Olean, NY.  He could see that many recent increases in the quality of dental care due to advances in modern equipment and custom designed facilities were not readily available in the Olean area.  As such Dr. Porcello set out to establish Valley View Dental as the premier dental office in the greater Olean area.

In 2012 Dr. Porcello completed construction of a state of the art six treatment room office at 3065 Buffalo Rd. Allegany, NY to best serve the area’s patients. This office is built with the comfort and convenience of patients in mind first. “Everything is designed to ease patient anxieties of going to the dentist and provide the most comfortable, efficient, and economic treatment possible” says Dr Porcello.

Keeping with this philosophy of patient first, the office is equipped with the most modern diagnostic and treatment equipment available. This will allow our doctors and staff to better diagnose and treat your dental needs, and will do so in the most pain free and stress free environment available.

Going to the dental office involves contact with more people than just the dentist.  No dental practice can be outstanding without exceptional staff.  You will find our hygienists, receptionists, and assistants all friendly and knowledgeable and will put your concerns first.

The Doctors and staff at Valley View Dental are all local and understand our community’s needs.  Many people think going out of town or going to a “dental chain” will provide a better or cheaper result.  The fact is that the Doctors at Valley View Dental are among the best because they care about you – the patient, first.  We will do what is right for you, in your unique situation.  Even adhering to this “patient first” philosophy, we are among the most economical offices around because we have multiple dentists to keep overhead costs down, and those costs are passed on to you.  So don’t consider us out of your league – we will provide you with excellent customer service, excellent dentistry, honest recommendations… all for a price that will beat most dental chains or clinics.

Drs. Porcello, Williams, Lamb and the entire Valley View Dental staff would love the opportunity to become your dentist in the Olean area.